Links and whatnot, vol. 7

Oh, just a “bunch of stuff” (thanks for that, Vice President Biden!) I read/looked at recently …

  • You know how you can have brain crushes on people, and by people I mean Rachel Maddow? I now also have one on Soledad O’Brien, based solely on her facial expressions and her ability to deal with some of these GOP yahoos without losing her mind on air. I like smart women who don’t take any shit.

Human Time Project’s concept is simple: for every watch the company sells, it sends a duplicate to a needy health clinic in another country.

What have you been clicking on?

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5 responses to “Links and whatnot, vol. 7”

  1. FFAF says :

    This roundup is my favorite! THANKS!

  2. sublimefemme says :

    Thanks for sharing that delicious cocktail recipe for the enhanced Stone Fence! I agree that almost everything is better with bourbon. And whiskey. I just had irish coffee bread pudding with a whiskey toffee sauce — amazing!! xo SF

    • G says :

      SF: B and I made that cocktail over the weekend, and it was fabulous. I’ll likely make it again this upcoming weekend, too!

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