Thoughts on a Sunday afternoon

Sometimes I think the everyday stuff isn’t that exciting or that important, but then I realize that it’s good for me to document it.

Yesterday was one of those perfect fall Saturdays. It was nice and rainy. I got up and cleaned, I hit the gym, and then I ran some errands. I picked up a Crock-Pot. I topped off my windshield wiper fluid. I restocked on some groceries, including a very necessary tasty local pumpkin ale. Then I came home, made some delicious soup (try it – it’s delicious), and enjoyed that same beer while watching some college football and doing some domestic stuff around my place.

The flip side of that is how I choose to spend my time. It occurred to me yesterday during all of that activity that I’ve become somewhat of a solitary person. Don’t get me wrong – I’m great in groups, even if I kind of hate being in crowds. I spent Friday after work at a Final Friday happy hour with co-workers, an event I set up and manage. I work with people quite a bit as a function of my job, and I am good at it. I have a lot of friends. But in the past couple of years, I’ve felt a change in my behavior. I’d rather be at home on a Saturday night like last night than out drinking with friends. I don’t mind having a little company, but it’s definitely a more exclusive group that gets the invite these days.

I don’t know if it’s a sign of me getting older or just pickier about the people with whom I choose to spend my time. I’m a private person. When I choose to go out to events or parties, it’s a good time. But the number of people I’ll allow into my home or my daily life is very small. I’m not sure what caused this shift, and at first I thought it meant there was something wrong with me. But when I went to bed last night, I was pretty satisfied with my day. I do whatever I want. I make time for the things that I want. If I want to sit around drinking beer in my boxers, I do it.

And for now, that’s exactly what I need.

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4 responses to “Thoughts on a Sunday afternoon”

  1. mccutcheon says :

    meh, finn and I got really bad at leaving the house on weekends. saturday night playing xbox, practicing the ukulele or watching tv series is perfectly fine for us. we’re thinking “bad couple behaviour”, but on the other hand we feel sooo old sometimes. If I go out I’ll just be complaining about the nicotine smell in my hair and clothes like a grumpy old lady ;)

  2. alphafemme says :

    I’m not “old” but my ML calls me Granny sometimes because, well, I do prefer a weekend with at least one night spent in. I like curling up with a movie and a cup of tea and nothing pressing to go to bed for. Sometimes I’ll stay in and she’ll go out since she’s much more of a social butterfly than I am, and that suits me just fine. I do sometimes feel isolated when everything is so quiet and I know the world is out, but just knowing that there are plenty of others in and enjoying a quiet night is usually enough to combat that feeling (which I just attribute to a fear of missing out). Next time I’m in on a weekend, I should check twitter and see if you are around!

  3. Femme Fairy Godmother says :

    Amen! My job is so social and there are so many people and so much commotion – that by the weekend, I barely even want to have the TV on. Who knew it was because I’m *old*. I thought I was just finally growing into my family “old man on a mountain” hermit genes. :)

    • G says :

      McC: It seems like I end up doing the same thing when I go out. I think it’s part of that dislike of crowds. You and Finn like what you like, right?

      Alpha/Granny: I think I’ve become more likely to stay in as my workweek has progressively become more stressful. I really need that time to recharge, and I feel myself getting a little anxious if Sunday evening rolls around and I haven’t had enough solo time.

      FFG: You’re not old. I really think it’s a matter of preference. I’ve definitely had my days (okay fine, years) of going out and raising hell. I still do it from time to time, but my idea of a good time has just shifted. I like to call it wisdom! Or laziness, either way.

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